Week 02: 
A week of public transportation


Data gathering:
This week I collected data on my walks and transportations through the city, turning my Moves App on but also writing down some “attributes” about my paths: was I alone? Was I talking to the phone or listening to podcasts? Did I run into someone I knew during my journey?

I like collecting detailed data, and trying every time to add a personal take on it: I think this is the best way to learn something about myself and to share with Stefanie who I am.

Data drawing:
As for the data-drawing, I thought of unfolding my paths: hiding the geographic dimensions to explore and see whether patterns on my trips could be detected even without a map. I like the outcome actually! 

When we talk about patterns or insights here, we refer to stories about the other person that one would notice from the drawing; we don’t mean our weekly data collections to be exhaustive and extensive quantified-self reports, we see them more as glimpses of our personalities covering different topics!

Close encounters of the data kind:
The treat of the week was running into Nick Felton while walking the Williamsburg bridge – I of course indicated this with my pink-ink Muji pen and labelled it on the back of my postcard as: “run into friend who is also your friend and who also does self-reports but is way more famous than the two of us”.


The Process: 



Last week’s intensive data gathering means that now whenever I check the time I feel the need to gather data, even though that week is over. I just let the Moves app gather the data for me here, so I didn’t do much.

Data memories: 
Lots of memories of walking across London. Lots of good weather (plus I love walking)

Data drawing:
I tried to present the data in a way that showed how my journeys centred around my house, as that’s where I was always travelling to and from. Distance between locations is arbitrary; I tried to make the distance of the lines based on numbers but it proved impossible by hand. 

Giorgia’s card: 
So much detail! There are lots of little lovely things about Giorgia’s card, and one of my favourites is when she picks out when it rained and she was without an umbrella. I think you can really get an idea of her week and whereabouts and her personality from the data she chooses to gather and capture. I’d like to find ways of capturing more of the personality of my week through the data I gather.




The Process:

Preliminary sketches