Week 04: 
A week of mirrors


The topic:
This week we got narcissistic: we wanted to see how many times we would see ourselves reflected on mirrors, or windows, or screens.
After a couple of days both Stefanie and I agreed that the topic was a little boring, but that eventually we would find a beautiful way of drawing it anyway.

Data gathering:
This week my parents were in town visiting, my mum wanted to shoot some selfies and I had to report them, I also got a haircut, so I spent a hour or so constantly looking at me while freaking out a little.
Even if we weren’t in love with the topic, I enjoyed my data collection: it feels a sort of data-journal already, and I am all in!

Data drawing:
As for the data-drawing, I wanted to use more colors and to think of visual metaphors that are not directly related to the data: 
I saw my mirror-data as little drops with their attributes about what I was doing or thinking while looking at myself. I still wanted to build a narrative that could be interesting for Stefanie to read, so I tried to emphasize the more “human” part of my boring data collection.

New habits:
I started noticing how every week I am still somehow influenced by the previous week's topic: I still sometimes think about it for a second when I say “thank you” or when I check the time on my iPhone.
(every Sunday I am also relieved the week is finished and happy to start a new topic)










The Process: 



Oh, my data-gathering was pretty one-dimensional this week. For some reason I thought that just noting time and location of when I looked in a mirror would be enough data to gather, but it doesn’t make for the most compelling story.  

Data memories:
During this week, I’m starting to realise that the human mind tends to shut down in specific circumstances… namely when one is really drunk at a laser-themed rave (dress code: mirrored and metallic), carrying a full-sized mirrorball (pretty proud of this, to be honest). 

I am pretty sure that I looked in some mirrors, to vainly check that all the makeup and sequins on my face looked ok. And I was carrying hundreds of tiny mirrors on my person, what with the mirrorball and all (Why did I not ever capture this data? Silly me).

But…But. Well, there seems to be a void in my data-gathering. A space where I totally forgot to capture any data. Funny, that. I’m not really sure why that happened. 

Giorgia and I have both decided that massive ‘data voids’ need to be recorded, so here’s the first proper one from me. I’m sure it’ll be the first of many. 

Data drawing:
Data void duly noted on the card, but I’m disappointed that this drawing feels so much like an information graphic you would make on a computer. Oh, well, in a year of drawings there are bound to be a few imperfect ones…

Giorgia’s card: 
This is one of my favourite cards from Giorgia: I love the colours, and also the complex data-gathering as per usual. The whole drawing feels so warm and approachable, and just by looking at it you can see some patterns in the data reveal themselves. 

I’m learning about Giorgia’s personality just by how she gathers her data: it’s just so neatly gathered, with lots of thought and planning put into it… you can tell that she is someone who is very good at getting things done, hence why she runs a company, I think. I am always impressed!

And my personality manifests itself through how I gather my data: it’s a bit messy and haphazard, a perfect illustration of how I go about my life as a solitary wandering freelancer (kidding, clients out there... please hire me)


The Process: